About Draco

Established in 2019, Draco Capital Partners is a Registered Investment Advisor registered in the state of California. Since our inception, our advantage has been grounded in a people-intensive, value-added investment approach that has enabled the firm to deliver industry-leading returns.


We are committed to refining investment strategies through algorithmic trading and statistical machine learning. Each trading strategy we adopt is thoroughly back tested and simulated by our system before actual execution, allowing us to swiftly adapt to ongoing changes and predict future patterns. Draco Capital Partners’ AI system is able to monitor a variety of indicators from fundamentals, technical and news; responding quickly to the correlative calculations. With AI technology, we take pride in having an army of research analysts working 24/7 without human interference factor.


Jack Fu - Managing Director

Jack is responsible for the overall planning, management, and operation of Draco Capital.

Prior to founding Draco Capital, Jack was the Pacific Rim Managing Director of All Sun Group, where he managed a portfolio of $1.8 billion. Previously, Jack was a Senior Financial Consultant at Linsco & Private Ledge managing family offices and institutional clients. Jack began his career as a Financial Advisor at Union Bank Investment Services.

Steve Chen - Managing Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Steve builds massive strategy data center for Draco, provides algorithm, and leads the programming process for investment strategies and trading.
Steve was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of YouTube. He was instrumental in building YouTube into a viral video phenomenon. He helped lead YouTube through the Google acquisition for $1.65 billion less than a year after launching the site. As the company's key technologist, Steve is credited with developing the company’s massive data centers and helping build YouTube into a premier entertainment destination and one of the most popular Web sites on the Internet today. From 2014-2016, Steve served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Google Ventures.

What We Do

We provide investment solutions to institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals. Our experience of risk management and refining AI system enable us to contribute superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients through all types of economic conditions.

Our Product


Our strategies are systematic, focusing on diversification, minimizing volatility, and enhancing performance. Our goal is to reduce downside risk effectively by following Draco’s rebalancing method to achieve stable returns. Our algorithm analyzes the macroeconomic data and the risks and correlations between different asset classes in various market scenarios, and determines whether the market is more Bullish or more Bearish, to use dynamic asset allocation to overweight more attractive instruments and underweight less attractive ones.

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260 Newport Center Drive, 3rd Floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660, U.S.A.
Tel: +1(949)535-4675
Email: contact@dracocp.com